problem with kolab-syncroton in hosted domain setting

mistub mistub at
Sun Oct 13 23:45:48 CEST 2013

Hi all

Got a problem with kolab-syncroton 2.0.1 from debian wheezy in 
multidomain-setting. I followed
Procedure 11.4. Configuring Roundcube

putting the config-Files for the new domain under 
/etc/roundcubemail/$http_host/ and replacing the content of 
/etc/roundcubemail/ with:

if (file_exists(RCMAIL_CONFIG_DIR . '/' . $_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"] . '/' . 
basename(__FILE__))) {
         include_once(RCMAIL_CONFIG_DIR . '/' . $_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"] . 
'/' . basename(__FILE__));

There is a symlink under 
referencing to /etc/roundcubemail/ Testing ActiveSync 
with $http_host/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync isn't working (after filling 
in the credentials the login window reappears without a message). After 
linking directly to 
/etc/roundcubemail/$http_host/ it works. How do I fix 
this for my other domains?

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