can't connect to Sieve

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Thu Nov 21 21:02:01 CET 2013

I had something similar recently.  I was able to connect to the daemon, but
Kolab and Roundcube had issues.  From memory, Kolab said it couldn't
retrieve the scripts, while Roundcube complained about not connecting to the

1. Check to make sure the /var/lib/imap/sieve directory exists and has what
you would expect below that ("domain/<letter>/<domainname>").
2. Check permissions (on my system that's 700) and ownership (cyrus:mail).

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I am running Kolab Enterprise on CentOS 6.4.

When I try to adjust filters in roundcube, it says it can't connect to the

When I try to test connectivity from Bynari Outlook connector, it says it
can connect to Sieve, but authentication fails.

When I telnet to port 4190, I can connect to sieve port.  This is more of a
test to make sure the port is open and the service is listening.

When I try to use the Sieve addon inside Thunderbird, i can't get it to
connect, but when doing a tcpdump on the wire, I see a connection between
the client and server.  The session just "hangs" though when I try to set

Obviously, I am doing something wrong.

Any pointers?



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