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Timotheus Pokorra timotheus at pokorra.de
Fri Aug 2 09:49:48 CEST 2013

ok, we have had a offlist email thread, and this is the problem:

On the website http://www.kolab.org/community there is a user login
box on the right hand side at the bottom, below "quick links" and
"social networks".
There is a link "request new password" which leads to
There is no way to create a new account, and I have no idea what that
account would be good for? I guess it is only for the admins of the
http://www.kolab.org website?
Perhaps it should be hidden to avoid confusion?

All the best,

On 1 August 2013 16:07, Timotheus Pokorra <timotheus at pokorra.de> wrote:
> Hello Paul,
> which server are you trying to connect to?
> Your own server that you have installed  Kolab on?
> Which version of Kolab are you using?
> Can you create a new user and logon with that user?
> Can you logon to Roundcube with that user? (http://<yourserver>/roundcubemail)
> Timotheus
> On 31 July 2013 22:01, Paul B Walker <walkerpbus at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Don't know username or password or both to login to community: I use
>> Synckolab in TBird 17.01 & have a problem with the documentation.
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