Looking for input from Kontact users

Alexander Haensch alexander.haensch at ipc.uni-tuebingen.de
Fri Dec 9 13:40:29 CET 2011

Hi were are using Kolab as a Groupware solution mainly  with Bynari
Connector for Microsoft Outlook.
Two users use Kontact with Kolab via Akonadi one is using
Thunderbird(only client for the MAC OS X)

Server overview:
20 Users (18xOutlook, 2xKontact,1xThunderbird with SyncKolab)
3 Domains
60GB imapd spoolsize (around 320k objects)

The Kontact version in Ubuntu 11.10 and Gentoo-testing is working very
nicely (KDE version 4.7.3). The responsiveness of the interface is
really great: we have around 7000 contacts in different address-books
and Calendars with thousands of events. Kontact handles these large
datasets very good on ubuntu and gentoo.
These address books and calendars are synced to iphones and android
devices via z-push extension.

The only problem we had, is that after more than 7-10 suspend to ram
powersaving cycles, the akonadi deamon is not able to send mails. But it
looks like an underlying Smtp problem with akonadi and not with specific
SMTP servers.
Until now i was not able to do a active-sync push to android 4.0, but I
think the basesystem is not stable on my phone at this moment.

I would recommend the Kolab server in conjunction with KDE Kontact.
There are some small issues but the system is very usable.

Alexander Haensch

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