Looking for input from Kontact users

Markus Fendt markus_fendt at genua.de
Fri Dec 9 08:27:34 CET 2011


the problems sound the same we have in the past.
Setup now:

- kontact e35 special build running on ubuntu 10.04 lts under gnome.
- home folders mounted via NFS on workstation
- 170 users
- wrapper script for kontact (fixed many problems)
	* set kde-Home on lokal disk / RAMDISK(very fast and stable)
        * sync .kde3 only every minute back to NFS (backup reason)
	* with this setup we have no more crashes (problem always  was 
writing/reading  .kmailrc over NFS)
- in the moment only IMAP Setup

Markus Fendt

Am Donnerstag 08 Dezember 2011 15:58:37 schrieb ITSEF Admin:
> Hi all,
> This plea for input goes to all folks out there who are using the Kontact
> client in conjunction with Kolab - I am very curious as to your experiences
> and environments, as our own experience with Kontact is extremely bad.
> Hence, I'm looking for anything that could possibly help to alleviate the
> situation - short of migrating to another mail/groupware solution... The
> things I'm interested in:
> - What version of Kontact are you using (e35, "the one that came with the
> distribution", ...)?
> - On which platform and with how many users?
> - How are your home directories organised (NFS mounted, local, .....)?
> - Do you use DIMAP only or the split IMAP/DIMAP set-up?
> - What are your experiences with Kontact with regard to
>   * stability (crashes...)
>   * reliability (lost mail, lost appointments, ....)
>   * overall "good behaviour"
> A bit of background from my side: We are using Kontact e35 from Kolab,
> repackaged for use under Kubuntu 10.04LTS - which means a KDE 3.5.x Kontact
> running under KDE4. All our home directories are mounted on the
> workstations via NFS4 and we only have a few dozen users. As the
> performance of DIMAP on NFS mounted home directories has proven to be
> desastrous in the past, we are using IMAP for mail and DIMAP for groupware
> only.
> Overall, Kontact has proven to be very crashprone for many (though not all)
> of our users and also has the tendency to show erratic behaviour (mails
> that seem to be empty, mails that were once deleted and show up again,
> slow-downs, you name it). Most of these affect a large number of our users
> (though, again, not all) and most of the time they are fixed by throwing
> away the IMAP index files. Any attempts in figuring out patterns for
> reproducing the problems to provide the developers with useful input have
> failed so far, as have attempts to figure out why some users are affected
> and others are not. For those that *are* affected, throwing away index
> files has almost become a habit, but it only helps for a while. Same goes
> for ditching the complete KDE configuration - it helps, but not for too
> long.
> Things in fact have gotten so bad that we are considering a migration...
> :-( Does any of this sound familiar to anyone out there - or are we just
> the unlucky ones? :-}
> Thank you in advance for any input!
> Reagards,
> Thomas

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