PGP issues

Tolingo Tolinga tolingo at
Wed Dec 7 17:46:49 CET 2011


 From my last post I've reinstalled Kolab a number of times in
 different systems (Ubuntu i386, Ubuntu x86_64, CentOS i686), I've
 enabled all possible PGP features in the preferences but my previously
 reported problems remain. Specially is very annoying the compose PGP
 mail problem. After a user key is imported only the first mail to him
 has the option for encryption/signing (from the address book only).
 Removing the key and importing it again allows me to send a
 encryption/signing mail again.

 May be there is something that I should do in the installation or
 something else that I'm missing. Please if someone has this feature
 enabled tell me something, at this point I'm lost.

 Thank you,


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