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Fri Apr 30 21:12:26 CEST 2010

On 23/04/10 04:59 AM, Christian Rößler wrote:
> Richard Bos schrieb:
>> Op donderdag 22 april 2010 17:05:49 schreef Christian Rößler:
>>> Christian Tardif schrieb:
>>>> I was wondering if there was any way to create a global filter rule so
>>>> every user in the system would make use of it implicitely?  What I would
>>>> want is a way to force every mail tagged as SPAM (via the headers) go in
>>>> the Junk folder of the coresponding user without having to go in each
>>>> user account and set it. Also, a global rule would ensure that they
>>>> wouldn't be able to revome the rule by themselves.
>>> Heh, is it this time of the year again? snicker SCNR, but the global
>>> sieve-script question is likely to come each two months.
>>> Well, let me citate myself
>> Why not make it a wiki page in that case?
> yes, you are right - I have done so: in
> <>  I have
> created a subsection
> <>.

In fact, it's not a useable setup for most of Horde interface users. And 
they are many.

As soon as one of them will modify its sieve script (let's say one goes 
on vacations...), this will erase manual include entry...  and the 
general filter will be gone.

At least, if autocreateinboxfolders, autosubscribeinboxfolders, 
autocreate_sieve_script, and generate_compile_sieve_script were working, 
then we would have something really useful. I was quite used to that 
when I was using Cyrus-Imap alone. I was creating the user entry and, at 
first login, folders and scripts were created automatically. And, in 
these many years I worked with this setup, I never had one user which 
deleted his auto-created script. It's really sad that this does not work 
with Kolab, as this is overloading user creation time, as everything 
must be done manually.
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