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Fri Apr 30 20:29:37 CEST 2010

On Apr 30, 2010 10:58am, Christian Tardif <christian.tardif at>  

> I actually followed the Wiki that is why I added these entries to the  
> virtual table as you described. And I do receive emails for both domains  
> correctly. The problem is that when I try to send an email using my  
> normal username and the domain that I added to the virtual table it is  
> rejected.

> Oh! I see. Someone may correct me, but I think you can't send an email
> from a domain which isn't in the list of accepted domains. And the
> creation of Domain Aliases doesn't set the somewhat fake domain as a
> list of accepted domains and therefore, mails from that domain are
> rejected. To my knowledge, this would lead to an open relay situation.

> What you may try is:

> 1) put this somewhere in the file:

> relay_domains = hash:/kolab/etc/postfix/relay_domains

> 2) Create the /kolab/etc/postfix/relay_domains file

> 3) Put this single line:

> OK

> 4) Create the needed db file with the command:

> /kolab/sbin/postmap /kolab/etc/postfix/relay_domains

> 4) Reload the new config with:

> /kolab/sbin/kolabconf

> Then, postfix should allow you to relay the fake domain.
> But you still won't be allowed, though, to authenticate with this
> to send mail, since the domain doesn't really exist in the
> kolab config.

> --

> Christian...

Sounds like you probably know more about how this stuff works than I, but I  
was under the impression that, by default, the server will only ACCEPT mail  
with the TO being for any of the domains in the 'domains' section of the  

And, it would seem to be default that you can't authenticate as  
user1 at and send mail saying you're user2 at But, I  
really don't know how it works to send mail as if it's from  
user1 at

We don't use that in our setup, I just have an alias for each user for, maybe I don't need to have that?
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