Upgrade/migrate from Kolab 2.1 SUSE Native install to OpenPKG 2.2.3 version DB problems Debian5

Gunnar Wrobel wrobel at pardus.de
Mon Apr 26 05:49:51 CEST 2010

Quoting skipmorse at gmail.com:

> Howdy all,
> I thought I had worked my magic, but something has gone sideways,
> hopefully someone can help.
> I've somewhat successfully upgraded/migrated my install... Well,
> after a lot of comparing files, testing and importing/exporting,
> I've hit a snag...
> After starting kolab 'openpkg rc all start', it seemed like things
> were working as expected, I was able to login to the admin page and
> all users, shared folder, distribution list etc... were there.
> Then I tried logging into horde and the page seemed to just
> timeout, so I started looking for logs...
> in my /kolab/var/imapd/log/imapd.log, I'm getting a lot of these:
> <warning> imap[6974]: DBERROR db4: file
> /kolab/var/imapd/mailboxes.db has LSN 173/5203582, past end of log
> at 1/10193
> <warning> imap[6974]: DBERROR db4: Commonly caused by moving
> a database from one transactional database
> <warning> imap[6974]: DBERROR db4: environment to another
> without clearing the database LSNs, or removing
> <warning> imap[6974]: DBERROR db4: all of the log files from
> a database environment
> I verified that the annotations.db and mailboxes.db were set to use
> the berkeley format in imapd.conf and in the .template file.
> This might be were I went wrong:  I thought, since it was still in
> 'berkeley' format and was uncorrupted and would be reading from the
> same mail spool, all should be fine if I just copied the file.  I
> also dumped it to a text file before, so I could use that if I have
> to.

Yup, do that. Transform both the mailbox and the annotation database  
into text format and reimport them on the target system.

> The reason I did this is because we use the toltec connector, and
> long ago I had some back and forth with Joon about upgrading the
> server and shared folders 'uploading' from outlook as local folders
> per user.  The last word on that was that it would happen if the
> UUID of the folders on the server changed.  My GUESS is that maybe
> the UUID is stored in the mailboxes.db, and if that's the case, I
> figured importing the dump into a new db would change those values
> (I did reply to joon about the possibility of retaining those
> with no response).
> Any ideas?  Ultimately, I just need to keep the mail, and have the
> new server see the same UUID's as the old so toltec doesn't start
> uploading folders/messages.  I can't really tell passed this point
> if what I've done works other than this issue, but I 'feel' like
> close.

The mailboxes.db simply contains the list of mailboxes on your server.  
And the annotations.db contains information about the folder  
annotations (e.g. if it is a calendar folder or if it contains regular  
mail). Both are essential to the Kolab clients.



> ** also, there's nothing in that log about annotations.db which I
> also copied
> -Skip

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