Kontact e35 and gcc-4.4 - indexlib problems

Allen Winter allen at kdab.com
Tue Apr 20 14:55:40 CEST 2010

On Tuesday 20 April 2010 08:21:56 am ITSEF Admin wrote:
> Hi all,
> has anybody out there successfully rebuilt the Debian packages that the
> Kolab team provides for Debian for another distro with gcc-4.4?

Actually, I spent some time on this while I'm stuck here in Germany
due to the volcano.  I can build it with gcc-4.4.  However, there
are a fews runtime crashes that I really don't have the time nor
the desire to fix at this time.  I will accept patches, of course.

> I'm currently trying to rebuild those packages under Kubuntu 10.04beta2 and
> I'm running into this problem: https://issues.kolab.org/issue4310
> In the issue, it is recommended to add "DO_NOT_COMPILE=indexlib" at a
> suitable place - quote: "forget indexlib, you don't need it". For a simple
> compile that's not difficult, but when building the packages I'm not so
> sure. I am wondering about the impact of removing indexlib:
> When looking at the package descriptions, I see for libindex0:
> "This library provides text indexing and is currently used by KMail to
> implement fast searches in mail bodies."
> So, what are the consequences of removing this library - will KMail be
> slower on searches (which would be undesirable, as it is already quite
> slow)?
No. Please do not use indexlib.  It was an experimental library and 
never actually used by KMail. 

> Also, if anybody has a hint as to where to add that "DO_NOT_COMPILE" flag
> within the (Debian-)package description/rules files, I'd be grateful -
> that's just a tad more than I've done so far... :-}
I don't know anything about packaging so I can't help you there.
But I can say that I am probably going to remove indexlib completely
soon after I get home.  So, you have 2 choices:
1) figure out how to package with the DO_NOT_COMPILE
2) wait until I get home and remove indexlib and a new Debian packages gets created

But that only helps building -- it will not solve the runtime problems.

Somewhat related: note that kdelibs-3.5.10 does not build with modern openssl.
I have a fix for that too, but I'm not sure if I should commit to the 3.5 branch
or start a new kdelibs-3.5.10 in our enterprise branch.

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