Using kolab users as system users

Alexander Gran alex at
Thu Apr 15 22:01:11 CEST 2010


I'm trying to migrate from Open-Xchange to kolab.
First issue is to migrate the user accounts. As far as I understood kolab, it 
does not create system users, the users created are email only.
I'd like my system to use the user database in ldap as authentication system. 
This is also what OX does, and we need that for shell access.

How do I now tell kolab to handle the necessary other objectClasses?
I think at least posixAccount is needed for the uidNumber.
Obviously I need then to change nss, pam config to use the data, but step one 
is to have kolab create it. I'd then create a tool to migrate the old ldap 
data to the new kolab format.

I'd hope that there is a switch somewhere to toggle that behaviour, but so far 
I did not find it.

System is debian testing with native kolab.

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