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Mon Jan 29 15:27:06 CET 2007

Hi Christopher,

> I'm probably going to sound pretty ignorant in this particular message,
> but I'm also fairly new to kolab, so please bear with me.
> I've got a Kolab server that's been running for just over a year and I
> love it.  I've been doing incremental backups to another box for a while
> and everything is running smoothly.  If the machine dies, I'll be able
> to get it back up and running in a pinch.
> What I'd like to see, however, is some sort of failover machine for it,
> that way if the server does die, another machine could step in while I
> fix the existing box.  Is this possible?
> I noticed that in the configuration, you could have multiple kolab
> hosts.  I've even set up another server running Kolab as a secondary
> host.  All of the information from the Kolab server I have in production
> was transferred over to the box I'm playing with, but I noticed mail
> wasn't copied over as well.
> Can two of these servers be set up like I'm thinking, or am I completely
> off track?  I'd basically like to have a hot standby.  If so, could
> someone point me to some documentation on this?

configuring Kolab for multiple hosts means that you spread your users
of several hosts. Still each user will be only present on one host and
only this machine will hold the users e-mail. So this basically
load-balancing and not replication which is what you would like to

Right now there is no integrated solution for automatic replication of
a Kolab server. You might be able to create your own solution by
following the backup guide at



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