failover machine?

Christopher M. Hobbs chobbs at
Mon Jan 22 22:43:02 CET 2007

I'm probably going to sound pretty ignorant in this particular message,
but I'm also fairly new to kolab, so please bear with me.

I've got a Kolab server that's been running for just over a year and I
love it.  I've been doing incremental backups to another box for a while
and everything is running smoothly.  If the machine dies, I'll be able
to get it back up and running in a pinch.

What I'd like to see, however, is some sort of failover machine for it,
that way if the server does die, another machine could step in while I
fix the existing box.  Is this possible?

I noticed that in the configuration, you could have multiple kolab
hosts.  I've even set up another server running Kolab as a secondary
host.  All of the information from the Kolab server I have in production
was transferred over to the box I'm playing with, but I noticed mail
wasn't copied over as well.

Can two of these servers be set up like I'm thinking, or am I completely
off track?  I'd basically like to have a hot standby.  If so, could
someone point me to some documentation on this?

I apologize if this message is a bit scattered, but I'm not quite sure
how to work what I'm envisioning.

Thank you for your time!
Christopher M. Hobbs
IS Technician, City of Siloam Springs
chobbs at, (479).524.5136
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