missing imap folders (SLOVED)

Matthias Henze lists at mhcsoftware.de
Thu Jan 4 08:46:47 CET 2007


i've solved the problem. for the invisible folders the acl's looked like
this: "rswipcda" instead of "lrswipcda" - the "l" was missing. by now it's
not clear to me why. perhaps i should have set a "imapsync" option for
this. in the next few days i've to move an other imap server to kolab and
can experiment with this. i will report back.


Matthias Henze wrote:

> Ger Apeldoorn wrote:
>>> Ok, did you delete the existing index files?
>>> I found that if you do not delete the cyrus.cache and cyrus.index files
>>> the cyrreconstruct is undone as soon as some client gets the email from
>>> the mailbox. So disable the imap before running this to prevent it from
>>> happening.
>> Sorry, that was not very clear:
>> 1) stop mailserver
>> 2) delete (or move!) the cyrus.cache and cyrus.index files for each
>> directory you do cyrreconstruct with
>> 3) run cyrreconstruct
> ok, thanks, will try this tonight, when no one is connected :-)
> matthias

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