Stefan stefan at
Wed Feb 23 11:34:43 CET 2005

Hi Martin,

> > 3) let it communicate with the kolab daemon (that could be easily done,
> > with the help of one of the core kolab developers (they know the
> > interfaces to deal with.)
> The kolabd is probably the wrong component to talk to as the kolabd knows
> nothing about PIM data. It is only responsible for maintaining the server
> (e.g. creating mailboxes, restarting services etc.)
Kolab was meant as the whole system, not especially the kolabd.

> BTW: Can you provide me with an authorative source about the syncML
> protocol and the syncML sw / devices?
Only a guess: The important word in this setence is "authorative"?? :-)
What i can offer is the following:
Googleing for "syncml" and "ibm" is also a good idea. Big Blue is very activ 
regarding this topic.


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