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Am Sonntag, 20. Februar 2005 21:13 schrieb Thorsten Schnebeck:


> Hans Meier UID=hmeier1
> Hans Meier UID=hmeier2
> This is not possible??
> LDAP Error: could not add object cn=Hans Meier,dc=kolab,dc=domain: Already
> exists
> Why not use the UID?

With Kolab for many reasons the dn which is created from the cn and the domain 
is unique.

From the dn we derive the primary email address which is _globally_ unique.

So in you case you must define a globally unique email address.

> using Kolab2 :-/ It is out of question, that someone gets a counting number
> like hans1, hans2 in its addressbook data. 

Which is much better than non unique entries which belong to different 

> It must be possible to solve 
> this when ther is a UID for authentification.

The UID in Kolab is for _optional_ alternative authentification.

We still always require a unique primary email address.

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