names and UID

Thorsten Schnebeck thorsten.schnebeck at
Sun Feb 20 21:13:38 CET 2005


looking a little bit deeper into the stucture of the imap service I see 
domains and users. *me* wonders that for imap folder names the "first name" 
is used but not the system unique UID.

So a simple test. I tried to create two users

Hans Meier UID=hmeier1
Hans Meier UID=hmeier2

This is not possible??
LDAP Error: could not add object cn=Hans Meier,dc=kolab,dc=domain: Already 

Why not use the UID? Now I have to think over if this is a show-stopper for 
using Kolab2 :-/ It is out of question, that someone gets a counting number 
like hans1, hans2 in its addressbook data. It must be possible to solve this 
when ther is a UID for authentification.

(And again I can not delete this test user :-/ )



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