AW: Convert Outlook/Exchange Address Entries to LDAP(Kolab)

Frank Paulick Frank.Paulick at
Tue Feb 15 16:38:10 CET 2005

For the moment i mean the shared address
book i have in an exchange server.
We have a Contact-folder with all extern
addresses in it.
I would like to export this folder in
some and import it into the kolab-ldap
as external address book.

Is there a way to import anything into
the kolab-ldap using the web-gui ?

Another question i have is, how
difficult it is to add more details to
an address book entry ?
Like a 2nd telephone nr. etc.

I have seen, that if i add any entry
with umlauts this entry is beeing
converted into something cryptic in the
ldap (searched with phpldapadmin). What
algorithm did you use for it and is this
in any way usable in command line (shell
scripting for import of addresses)

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Betreff: Re: Convert Outlook/Exchange
Address Entries to LDAP(Kolab)

On Tuesday 15 February 2005 12:50, Frank
Paulick wrote:
> is there a way to get address entries from our Exchange server into 
> the Kolab LDAP Server ?

I don't know how to get the addresses
from the exchange server precisely. You
probably mean contacts that users have
themself, right? You could try exporting
them as vCards and then importing them

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