Kolab 1.0Pre-? Upgrade

Joshua Schmidlkofer menion at asylumwear.com
Fri Apr 29 02:26:25 CEST 2005

I have a Kolab 1.0 pre server.  We have upgraded some of the packages along the way, however, do to uncertainty about LDAP updates we have not updated LDAP proper.

How can I upgrade to at least 1.1?   Any advice?  Any pointer to some good idea of what I am facing to change the ldap stuff?.

Does anyone have some advice / idea's about the 2.0 beta's?  I am limited to working w/ in some time constraints, so I can't spend hours and hours on this.   Hence, I am asking if anyone can point me to some good reading.

In the meanwhile I will check the ml archive since it's probably mostly there.


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