saslauthd not authenticating

Dieter Kluenter dieter at
Mon Apr 25 18:55:05 CEST 2005

Am Montag, den 25.04.2005, 18:30 +0200 schrieb Dieter Kluenter:
> Hi,
> I just installed kolab-2.beta-5 on SuSE-9.2. When trying to check for
> mail with Kmail or Evolution, saslauthd cannot authenticate. The
> logfile reports in 10 second steps
> ,----[ saslauthd.log ]
> | 18:10:04 marin <error> saslauthd[23724]: user ldap_search_st() failed: Can't contact LDAP server
> | 18:10:04 marin <info> saslauthd[23724]: Retrying authentication
> | 18:10:04 marin <debug> saslauthd[23724]: Domain/Realm not available.
> | 18:10:04 marin <debug> saslauthd[23724]: Domain/Realm not available.
> | ~
> `----
> slapd is running but only listening on loopback (, but not
> on eth0, I don't know why, yet.
> Funny thing is, when checking in via webinterface, I get a login.

I have to extend the report, when checking mail with a MUA on the Kolab
server, I get a login, but saslauthd still complaints that ldap server
cannot be contacted. 
I am writing now on the kolab server, but that is not what ist
wanted :-(


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