installing/migrating kolab on a hot server possible?

Alfred Poschmann aposch at
Wed Apr 20 21:22:19 CEST 2005

Am Mittwoch, 20. April 2005 17:08 schrieb Hamish:
> Hi Alfred,
> I dont think this will be too much of a problem, but i would definately
> recommend using a backup server to test it. If you feel very confident, i
> suppose it would not hurt too much to install kolab on the same server, as
> long as you shut down all the old services (and dont get confused between
> openpkg and host packages etc! - check the opa script for help with this)
> Have a look at the backup pages on the wiki -
> for more detail, but you
> will need to create the users in kolab somehow (are you using ldap? maybe
> you can dump/restore), copy the cyrus spool across, and run cyrreconstruct
> on it. I think the main thing will be getting usernames across.
> Hope that helps,
> H

Yes, it helps, thank you. But some questions remain. In the second before I 
boot up kolab I would have to stop cyrus, postfix et al of the host. The 
second after the bootstrap I can start configuring kolab, right? How long 
does it take to get kolab up and running?

Isn't it better (possible?) to install just the kolab-specific programs and 
keep the old services running?

Btw, this is a fairly small installation with just a handful of users. 
Creating them in kolab is my smallest fear :)


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