installing/migrating kolab on a hot server possible?

Hamish lists at
Wed Apr 20 17:08:11 CEST 2005

On Wednesday 20 April 2005 15:41, Alfred Poschmann wrote:
> Hello all,
> I have a working (production-)server (Suse 9.2) running postfix, cyrus,
> Spamassassin, amavis, apache2, (and btw openexchange) ... nearly all
> components of kolab. Is ist possible to install kolab without loosing all
> mails, cieve-scripts, etc?
> While I could install kolab for a test on another server, eventually I
> would have to migrate it to this mailserver. Is ist possible to keep the
> data save?

Hi Alfred,
I dont think this will be too much of a problem, but i would definately 
recommend using a backup server to test it. If you feel very confident, i 
suppose it would not hurt too much to install kolab on the same server, as 
long as you shut down all the old services (and dont get confused between 
openpkg and host packages etc! - check the opa script for help with this) 
Have a look at the backup pages on the wiki - for more detail, but you 
will need to create the users in kolab somehow (are you using ldap? maybe you 
can dump/restore), copy the cyrus spool across, and run cyrreconstruct on it. 
I think the main thing will be getting usernames across.
Hope that helps,
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