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Wed May 12 20:54:53 CEST 2004

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First the situation:

I have been working for a while to get a kolab server setup, and figured that 
I was tired of looking for all the howtos in order to figure out how to 
install all the extra things I wanted, so I made a few RPMs.

I currently have SRC RPMs and SuSE 9.0 binary RPMs of the following (based off 
the zfos distribution - using obmtool)

Adding spam and virus filtering to Kolab
Adding the Horde web-client
Adding mailman for mailing lists
Adding a jabber server (which authenticates off Kolab)

I am also working on creating RPMs for a freeradius server that authenticates 
against the kolab LDAP mechanism.  Thus you can then have a single place to 
maintain your user accounts...  I'm not ready with that one yet though...

These can each be installed separately from one another (I think...I'm not a 
master there may be some dependencies that I missed...I have 
them all installed on a single machine)  They are all install-and-go - that 
is, there is no configuration for them to start working with an already 
working kolab installation.

Now my question:  

Would there be interest in me posting these somewhere?  If there is, then I 
will look into finding somewhere to post them (and instructions on how to use 
them).  If there isn't much interest in them, then I probably won't go to the 
trouble of doing that.

- -Nathan
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