show-time-as and out-of-office in v3

Christian Mollekopf mollekopf at
Fri Jun 22 10:51:02 CEST 2012

On Friday 22 June 2012 10.43:53 you wrote:
> On Friday 22 June 2012 10.21:47 Christian Mollekopf wrote:
> > Ok, so the information in F/B is indeed useful already now.
> Quite so, actually.
> > When scheduling an event I'm not sure what out-of-office is supposed to
> > tell me.  Either the participant says he can attend the event (accepted),
> > doesn't know yet (tentative), or can't (declined).
> Out of office says: I am likely available, but not for physical meetings.
> So if you just want to book a phone call, video conference, or chat session,
> that's an entirely viable slot. If you need to talk to them face to face,
> it is not.
> BTW: That is also why this status has a location attached to it (or can
> have).

Ok, that makes sense. Thanks for clarifying.

> It would be awesome if we could make use of that, as well.
> But just having the out of office status is already quite good.

That can be implemented with the rest of XFB and be shown as tooltip in the 
scheduling view.


> Best regards,
> Georg
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