show-time-as and out-of-office in v3

Thomas Brüderli bruederli at
Wed Jun 20 13:38:56 CEST 2012

Christian Mollekopf wrote:
> Hey,
> I looks like we finally do need the out-of-office feature.
> In kolabv2 we had show-time-as with the values free, tentative, busy, or 
> outofoffice. Which was a mix of the TRANSPARENCY setting with some others.
> In the v3 I propose the following:
> * TRANSPARENCY to control if an event shows up in f/b (already done)
> * STATUS for tentative etc. (already done)
> * introduce boolead x-out-of-office to LOCATION, to annotate that we're out of 
> office.

Will that also work with empty location values?
> For the out-of-office to become actually useful, as it is a kolab-specific 
> feature, we also need to include it in the generated f/b list, for which I 
> propose to use the FBTYPE "X-BUSY-OUTOFOFFICE" (which will be interpreted by 
> clients not understanding it as BUSY).

As far as I remember that was already hacked into the Horde library for a
recent customer project where the free/busy system had to work with MS
Exchange. There we used X-OUT-OF-OFFICE as FBTYPE. I propose to use that
value for the sake of any unlikely compatibility reason.
> So the only kolab-specific thing is the outofoffice, which I think makes more 
> sense to store as location annotation than a show-time-as (given that the rest 
> is already covered). The X-BUSY-OUTOFOFFICE might be misusing the FBTYPE 
> slightly as it is not directly related to scheduling, but it's IMO clean 
> enough (the other option would be an x-property).

As just mentioned, we already did that abuse and I guess no big issues
arose from that.


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