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On Friday 22 June 2012 09.55:24 Christian Mollekopf wrote:
> Right. We need a UI where this information is actually visible though, for
> it  to become useful, which at least Kontact doesn't have at the moment and
> I'm not aware that Roundcube has either, or has it?

Yes, it does.

It uses colors to show the different statuses for free/busy:

	grey: 	no information
	green: 	free
	red: 		busy
	blue: 	tentative
	yellow:	out of office

(See the legend in the add event dialog in the web client)

It also differentiates between required and optional participants by diagonally 
dividing the box. 

The upper left (and slightly larger, IIRC) color is for required participants, 
the lower right (and slighly smaller) color includes optional participants.

So you can for instance see a status of "all required participants available, 
some optional participants out of office" very easily.

And in the detailed display for free/busy you can even toggle the 
optional/required particpant status by clicking on the respective icon.

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