Pre-KEP input sought: Priority for events? (in line =?iso-8859-1?q?with=09tasks=3F?=)(similar to VEVENT & VTODO?)

Georg C. F. Greve greve at
Tue Jun 7 16:41:55 CEST 2011

Hi Shawn,

Thanks a lot for the feedback!

On Tuesday 31 May 2011 21.47:04 Shawn Walker wrote:
>                 Outlook iCalendar
> Urgent          1       0 to 3
> Normal          0       4 to 6
> Non Urgent      -1      7 to 9

Shouldn't urgent map to 1-3?

Because according to iCalendar, 0 means "unspecified" priority.

Also I am guessing this is iCalendar to Outlook mapping? What do you do for 
the other direction? 1 -> 2, 0 -> 5 and -1 -> 8?

For me it is clear that priorities need to be possible, just as Doug 
highlighted, some users expect them, and even if many of us do not find them 
overly useful in many scenarios, Outlook & iCalendar have them, so we should 
also do them.

So right now we have as existing approaches:

	Outlook:		-1, 0, 1
	iCalendar: 	0-9
	Kolab:		1-5

The feedback that priorities for tasks in Kolab are not heavily used to 
anyone's knowledge would indicate that we are less restricted in how we want 
to go about this, but like most people, I have a strong desire for consistency 
within the Kolab format.

So I am now honestly considering to propose to model priorities according to 
what iCalendar does (so a missing priority value would equal "0") commonly for 
Tasks & Events and follow Shawn's suggestion of establishing a common mapping 
for all clients to increase consistency.

This should be largely consistent for older data sets and eliminates one 
potential step for conversion and thus loss (between Kolab and iCalendar).

Comments? Thoughts? Suggestions?

Best regards,

Georg C. F. Greve
Chief Executive Officer

Kolab Systems AG
Zürich, Switzerland

e: greve at
t: +41 78 904 43 33

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