Managing the same events in several folders.

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Thu Sep 23 14:41:02 CEST 2010

During the last year, we did have several issues in Kontact
with people that have access to the same appointment in several folders.

This can easily happen, if you get write access to a folder of a person
which you also want to invite to something.
The problem with this is: What should happen when updates occurr
in the cases of participant and organizer?
How can the client detect this and act consistently.

I suggestion which I have is to add a field for each event (task)
stating for which email-addresses it is managed for in this folder.
This would solve quite a few cases, but I have not yet fully thought 
it through. (Which would require listening all cases.)

One example case user U has
  Folder A -> event E
  Folder B -> event E
When an update E1 arrives, my client does not know what to do: Update
all of them, one or none?

If I had an attribute, "managed for", I could decide:
  Folder A -> event E, managed for U
  Folder B -> event E, managed for U, R
means that I can update both events and so forth for the other cases.

Recently we have gotten the wish to enable saving the same appointment
to several folders while creating it. This can be made feasable as I can 
update several events when E1 comes in, according to in which folders
my identities are managed.


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