Client behaviour regarding "Access" or better "information sensitivity"

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> IMHO the core issue with this "prominent" setting is (and always has
> been) its label: There is not the slightest hint anywhere in the GUI,
> that it deals with the scope of visibility of XFB-/FB-information
> only.

Just to be extra clear: It only has an effect now on the XFB
information. There is _no effect_ on the FB info.

> I believe it should stay prominently (and separatly) placed, as it
> would provide valuable ease of use in many XFB-based use-cases, if
> only this setting would be labled with concise wording, so most
> users intuitively understand it instead of being misled (which is
> currently the case).

Improving the wording was part of my proposal.
Did you like the suggested words? 

> It is definitely not a part of the regular IMAP-folder item
> (incidence type) properties, due to the aforementioned fact that
> it deals with the scope of visibility of XFB-information only.
> Hence I believe this setting must not be merged into those IMAP-
> folder item specific settings, as this would be mislead users again
> to believe the setting would be a property of the IMAP-folder item
> (and maybe affect its access rights for others).
> But this setting sure has been in dire need of better UI-strings for
> years.

Again to be extra clear: Currently "sensitifity" does affect single objects
so moving it to be reachable via the categories would keep this focus
as the selection of categories also are per objects. 

When there are more clients that can deal with several accounts and folders
fully, the need for the use of those categories and even for XFB at all will
vanish and then there will be only the ACL settings that affect the folders.

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