Client behaviour regarding "Access" or better "information sensitivity"

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Tue Sep 7 14:29:21 CEST 2010

Feedback from a long-standing Kolab-/Kontact-operator:

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IMHO the core issue with this "prominent" setting is (and always has 
been) its label: There is not the slightest hint anywhere in the GUI,
that it deals with the scope of visibility of XFB-/FB-information 

I believe it should stay prominently (and separatly) placed, as it
would provide valuable ease of use in many XFB-based use-cases, if 
only this setting would be labled with concise wording, so most 
users intuitively understand it instead of being misled (which is 
currently the case).

It is definitely not a part of the regular IMAP-folder item 
(incidence type) properties, due to the aforementioned fact that 
it deals with the scope of visibility of XFB-information only.
Hence I believe this setting must not be merged into those IMAP-
folder item specific settings, as this would be mislead users again 
to believe the setting would be a property of the IMAP-folder item 
(and maybe affect its access rights for others).
But this setting sure has been in dire need of better UI-strings for 

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