Recurring events with timezone

Hendrik Helwich h.helwich at
Wed Oct 20 16:52:58 CEST 2010

Hi Georg,

Am 20.10.2010 14:59, schrieb Georg C. F. Greve:
> On Wednesday 20 October 2010 13.46:37 Hendrik Helwich wrote:
>> I think this would even be more complicated.
> I agree. Hence my asking for input on it. If we think about modifying the
> format, I would like to take as much input into account as possible to ensure
> we don't have to reopen that can of worms a month later. :)

You are right :-) I understand that modifying any format must be always 
well thought out.

>> The event must be related to a specific user and must track its timezone.
> Yes. Logically, this would be done by the client.
> Question is: How would this come across phone synchronization, if at all? Does
> ActiveSync support something like this concept?
>> Or does this event should happen always at the same local time for
>> everybody no matter in which time zone this person is?
> You mean like a shared event of five people where each of them should do "X" at
> 12:00 every day regardless of where they are?
>> If it is like this it would not be useful for an event which is shared,
>> because then everybody would come to a different time to that meeting if
>> the people are in different time zones.
> For a shared event I can see at least the secretary scenario as a likely use
> case, i.e. the secretary should give the boss his daily briefing in the morning
> no matter where the boss is. But then the secretary's client would need to
> know the time zone of the boss. Definitely not trivial.

If TZs would be included in the kolab format and Kontact would offer to 
set the TZ of an event, this scenario could also be handled. But you 
would have to do it by hand.
So the boss or the secretary must change the TZ of this event to the new 
TZ of the boss every time the boss travels to a new TZ. Now the client 
of the secretary would show her the correct local time of the event in 
her TZ.
Maybe it would be possible to include a function in Kontact so that the 
boss can configure the events which should be tracked to his TZ. Then 
Kontact could automatically update all tracked events if the boss 
changes the TZ of his client or uses a client in a different TZ.



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