RFC: KEP3: Introduction of 'subevent' sub-tag for 'exclusion' from 'recurrence' (revision #10661)

Alain Abbas alain.abbas at libertech.fr
Mon Dec 6 21:36:54 CET 2010

Le 06/12/2010 21:29, Georg C. F. Greve a écrit :
> Hi Alain,
> On Monday 06 December 2010 20.54:08 Alain Abbas wrote:
>> i think me must have a tag deleted and a tag exceptionstartime or keep
>> the start-time in case of the exception is a deletion :
> I am not quite sure whether I understood your suggestion correctly.
> Currently, the proposal says that an exclusion without a subevent is a
> deletion. If it contains a subevent, that subevent contains only the difference
> towards the main even, all fields that are not specified remain unchanged.
> Your proposal seems to be thinking of simultaneously changing a recurrence
> exception and deleting it. This does not seem to make sense to me right now,
> as deletion would also delete the changes.
but it s more simple to process all at the same level for alghorithm as 
subevent Poom model in active sync is like that
and the object model in outlook i think too
if the deletion is in the same tag you have just a loop and a test .
if there are at different level you must have 2 loops with the risk of 
error if
a date is in the exclusion and in the subevent too

> So I must have misunderstood the idea.
> Could you try to explain in more detail what you had in mind?
> Best regards,
> Georg
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