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Hi Gunnar,

> > As long as you have the time, I do not think it matters in which
> > timezone you have created the appointment.
> Which hints at another problem of the Kolab format: For full day events
> we drop the time information and here we really loose critical
> information if the event does not take place in our own timezone.

This is a tricky one. How would you associate Christmas day or new year with timezone information? Would they change to another day from another timezone perspective?

Birthdays and anniversaries is another issue if the person is in a big timezone difference. You can send them a message and they will only receive it the next day if they have gone home already. This would require events with timezone perspective, which will drive everyone nuts.

All day events are exactly that a day. If you want to schedule and event that will last the "whole" day, you create a normal event starting at 08:00 with a duration of 8 hours. 

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