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Quoting Bernhard Reiter <bernhard at intevation.de>:

> Till,
> On Mittwoch, 4. Februar 2009, Till Adam wrote:
>> In the Kolab backend I
>> can still select the timezone when creating the event, but that timezone is
>> not explicitly saved with the event. Instead, it is converted to UTC on
>> write. The next time I open Kontact and the event is read, it shows in the
>> right place, but tells me it's an event in UTC, which I can now no longer
>> map to a place.
> I believe Kontact should display the time in your local timezone,
> which works, because it knows which timezone you have set it to when
> looking at the event.
>> Yes, there is a location in the event, and I'll likely know
>> anyhow, from what the event is, but still, information has been lost that I
>> find convenient to have around.
> As long as you have the time, I do not think it matters in which timezone you
> have created the appointment.

Which hints at another problem of the Kolab format: For full day  
events we drop the time information and here we really loose critical  
information if the event does not take place in our own timezone.



> Hm I guess I would need to understand the use
> case better. Probably you are using the timezone display for calculating the
> time for others, like uh, this will be local time 7am so it is pretty early
> when I am there.
> Unfortunately Helge is right in that there is a problem with recurrences,
> daylight shifting and timezones. Currently each client will use their
> understanding of daylight shifting and this does not work for some cases.
> On the other hand, we do have a problem with recurrences anyway.
> This is definately something we need to get at.
> First I want 2.0 of the spec getting out.
> (Comments from client implementors regarding other ideas were sparse on the
> list lately, are you sure there aren't any other issues a Kontact comment is
> open? ;) )
> Bernhard
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