Declaring a new folder type and format for Horde preferences

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Fri Mar 14 16:57:10 CET 2008

Hi Joon,

"Joon Radley" <joon at> writes:

> Hi Bernhard and Gunnar,
> Making custom types was part of the design so this is well within the scope
> of Kolab-XML. As Kolab-XML uses the IMAP4 server for storage there is no
> problem with saving the data to the server.
> The problem is that the format is Horde specific. So this will not form part
> of the main specification. Also I think the name should be "name spaced" to
> show that it is bound to a specific client e.g. "h-prefs" or "horde-prefs"

that should be no problem and will definitely namespace two other
folder types that I'll introduce soon.

Concerning the "Preferences" I'm hesitating though: Why shouldn't
Kontact for example be able to store configuration options in there

The format is really not that restrictet. After all it just defines
that you have a "prefs" container that can hold a multiple number of
"pref" nodes, each having string content. This should provide all
necessary means for a client to save its configuration on the server.

And I wouldn't mind if I could do that with contact so that I don't
have to configure each installation on its own.

So I feel this does not have to be Horde specific.

If the other client devs are certain that they won't ever use this
format I can of course make it Horde specific.



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