"privat" Outlook objects

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Tue Aug 12 15:51:59 CEST 2008

Dear friends of the Kolab 2 Storage Format,

recently I had a new idea about 
how to solve the problem of "privat" Outlook objects.

My understanding of the problems is that it mainly exists with Outlook
because the Outlook user interface shows a "private" setting.
This setting will make a client not to show the contents of the
object, though it recieves the full objects. Users are used to this behaviour.
Outlook 2003 itself can also only fully deal with one main folder. 
For this main folder it maintains invitation emails, alarms and a four state
freebusy information for local view. (Alarms can be activated on other folders
by a special application.)

A Kolab concept is it to have one ACL per folder, 
which I consider a good idea to keep ACL handling simple.

In Kontact you just use two folders and use one to put the privat objects in.
Kontact shows the "privat" setting as "sensitifity" which is comparable to 
a stamp on the paper envelope saying: "top secret", while placing the envelope 
in an iron safe would be access control.

There have been several proposals on the list in the past how to solve this 
problem. Most had a few drawbacks to me. So here is my idea:

If Outlook-plugins would be able to control the target folder of the sync
depending on the flag's setting, we would invent folders with annotations like
event.default.private or "event.defaultprivate".
For each main folder there is only one "defaultprivate" folder, thus this is a 
fixed number. Outlook plugins could completly hide those folders from the 
tree view and place the objects into the corresponding main folder.
So if an object has the private flag place it in the .defaultprivate folder
and the other way round. 

The good side is that there is no change for Kontact or other clients:
They can just display the *.defaultprivate folders and use their ACLs.

If no X.defaultprivate folder exists, client MAY create one.
The location is irrelevant, though I propose they SHALL use a subfolder
of the mainfolder.
   INBOX -
          |-> Calendar -
                       +> private

What do you think?

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