IMAP annotation for groupware folder descriptions

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Wed Oct 10 08:25:38 CEST 2007

"Joon Radley" <joon at> writes:

> Hi Gunnar,
>> I disagree since the IMAP METADATA extension specifically defines the
>> "/comment" annotation value for describing a folder. I don't know why
>> the old Kolab module in Horde used a special value for this but I
>> switched to using "/comment" now. This way this is not client specific
>> at all since any IMAP server supporting the METADATA extension will
>> also have to provide the "/comment" annotation.
> The only reservation I have about this is that it is not specific to
> Horde and any application that also uses the "/comment" can destroy
> your values. Now as this is not format specific, this should not be
> a big issue for Horde.

Hm, the fact that this is not specific to Horde or another Kolab
client is the reason why I would like to use the "/comment" value.

Here is the relevant note from the draft:  Mailbox Entries


      Defines a comment or note associated with a mailbox.

So if there is any other client using the "/comment" value and it is
acting according to the draft, then it makes sense for Horde to
actually display this note or comment to the user. The share
description used by Horde is nothing different after all. It has no
special meaning and is really just a description. It is just there for
informational purposes. So even if another client modifies the
"/comment" value this should be fine.

The only problem I see at the moment is the fact that the Kolab
specific set/getannotation PHP patch is broken and does not support
UTF8 like it should. But that's a different story.



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