IMAP annotation for groupware folder descriptions

Joon Radley joon at
Wed Oct 10 07:01:26 CEST 2007

Hi Bernhard,

> a.1) Should the Horde capability be kept to add a description for a
> folder?

Yes under another annotation key, but Horde must be able to handle the
situation where a folder exist without any description field.  

> a.2) If so, how? With annotations there would be the question: Which
> one? It would only be one annotation, so this is no problem to
> configure Cyrus to allow it. 


> b) How many variety do we need with annotation names for Toltec?

The confusion is from my side. I need one annotation key,
"/vendor/kolab/folder-type", that can handle unlimited variations. 

The other Kolab key is "/vendor/kolab/incidences-for", this is used by the
free busy trigger.

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