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Tue Oct 9 14:53:24 CEST 2007

Bernhard Reiter <bernhard at> writes:

> Hi Joon,
> On Tuesday 25 September 2007 07:34, Joon Radley wrote:
>> Should we just move completely to the hidden message solution and avoid all
>> the issue with the annotation database and the fact that it seems that the
>> annotation extension will not be widely adopted by other IMAP4 servers and
>> only partially by Cyrus?
> I think so far that the annotation solution is good and we should keep it.
> When looking at the discussion I believe that there are two issues:
> a.1) Should the Horde capability be kept to add a description for a folder?
>    a.2) If so, how? With annotations there would be the question: Which one?
>         It would only be one annotation, so this is no problem to configure
> 	   Cyrus to allow it.
> I think a.1) should first be decided, 
> the discussion was started on kolab-devel.
> I still maintain that it is not necessary and should be disabled in the Kolab 
> Horde driver for consistency reasons with other clients and lack of 
> additional value.

I disagree since the IMAP METADATA extension specifically defines the
"/comment" annotation value for describing a folder. I don't know why
the old Kolab module in Horde used a special value for this but I
switched to using "/comment" now. This way this is not client specific
at all since any IMAP server supporting the METADATA extension will
also have to provide the "/comment" annotation.



> b) How many variety do we need with annotation names for Toltec?
> Joon, I did so far not realize that you need to be free to change the 
> annotation-name itself. I believe that we can develop a method that can
> be implemented in Cyrus that allows for subtypes to be choosen.
> It just would be a bit more complicated in the implementation,
> as it would need to take a limit into account. It should be no problem
> to always keep patches around that losen this limit for now.
> So there is no reason to chance the client implementations.
> Joon: Can you give us an example of a list of annotations that _could_ 
> sometimes be created for a folder?
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