event XML 1.1 (fix recurrances)

Joon Radley joon at radleys.co.za
Thu Jan 18 09:51:29 CET 2007

Hi Ger,

> what do you mean by "clear version difference"? Is <event 
> version="1.2"> not enough?

Just changing the event version tag is not enough as people can still think
that they can use Kolab-XML 1.0 clients without a problem. This is a major
change and will break interoperability between non-Outlook clients and
Outlook. The users must understand than when they use this new format, they
will not be able to share event information with Outlook clients, it will be
Horde and Kontact only.

> What features are missing from Outlook 2000 and XP/2002 that 
> are possible to express with this format? Or is there 
> something else interfering with support for OL prior 2003 sp2?

The modification of attendees and attachments creates a new object, even
though the Outlook GUI hides this from you. The linking between these
objects has changed and has given problems since its introduction in Outlook
XP. In Outlook 2003 SP2 has this issue stabilized. I have no idea yet if
this works he same in Outlook 2007.

So basically if you introduce those 2 tags in he sub event it basically
becomes impossible to reliability convert between Outlook and Kolab-XML.

These changes was introduced by Martin on his own. He has somehow published
a new standard of the Kolab-XML format that totally breaks interoperability
between the existing clients.

Best Regards

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> Hi Joon,
> > Could you please make this a clear version difference in 
> the Kolab-XML 
> > format.

> > We will be unable to incorporate the new version as we still intend 
> > supporting Outlook prior to Outlook 2003 service pack 2.

> Kind regards,
> Gerd
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