Character escaping or refurbish Kolab format definition towards XML syntax?

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Tue Feb 6 01:14:54 CET 2007


"4.1. Common Fields In All Types

categories (string, default "") - The categories is a comma separated list. 
There is no fixed set of categories in this format. The clients are free to 

I think the above definition is missing the case when a category itself does 
contain the comma character.

Do we in general want to introduce a Kolab format specific escape character in 
order to deal with these kind of problems in the Kolab format?

On the other hand I think that using a comma seperated list is not really how 
xml ist supposed to work.

Why not create a list of categories by allowing:
<category>cat 2, with comma and spaces</category>
<category>cat 3 with escaped XML characters <,>,& 

So do you favour an escape character approach or the alternativ XML approch 
which allows multiple <category> elements?

Personally I am in favour of leaving the old <categories> using the old syntax 
but declaring it deprecated. In addition a new optional element 
{<category><category>} is added which might appear multiple times.

This would allow us to remain fully backwards compatible while solving the 
escape issue and becoming more standards compliant.

Opinions welcome!

-- martin

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