P.O. Boxes etc

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Wed Nov 8 19:51:41 CET 2006

I think we still have a missconception here.
Kontact has an extra field called "Post Office Box",
I am attaching a screenshot of the (sub)dialog for entering
the address information for illustration.

On Tuesday 24 October 2006 20:48, Till Adam wrote:
> On Thursday 14 September 2006 08:36, Joon Radley wrote:
> > > I guess there is no way to distinquish the "p.o. box"
> > > information from the rest of the contact information within
> > > Outlook?
> >
> > Yes, we can add a field to show that an <address> structure is a
> > mailing address.

Would it be fine with you to add an extra field for <pobox> information?
Could you make use of it in Outlook and thus display it?
Otherwise we could just add the tag and Toltec ignores it, 
which would be a nondesirable solution, but at least Kontact to Kontact
does not lose the information anymore.

> I'm still not quite sure where the connection between adding a P.O. Box
> field to address information and marking an address as a postal one is.
> It's possible that I'm being daft here, but is the exact same problem
> not present with street, or zip code, etc? Why does P.O. Box suddenly
> introduce the need for this flag, which seems completely orthogonal to
> what is actually _in_ a postal address? I must be missing something.
> Thanks for bearing with me, Joon,
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