Handling of private/confidential groupware objects

Martin Konold martin.konold at erfrakon.de
Tue Feb 14 05:25:56 CET 2006


We need to progress on the format issues and not die in stagnation.

I hereby want to announce that I am considering to add a section to the Kolab 
architecture document and the Kolab Format documentation which describes the 
server side implemented security concept for handling of private/confidential 
groupware data.

It will leverage the extra folder hierarchy approach for handling access 

I am still undecided if we shall go the practical route using a naming 
convention or if we shall take the burden to add another namespace to cyrus 

Most probably I will prefer the former for the initial implementation (Kolab 2 

Do you have any preferences?

Joon, Johannes and David: Do you want to hint me on any special requirements 
you are having? 

-- martin

Erlewein, Frank, Konold & Partner - Beratende Ingenieure und Physiker

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