More IMAP Annotations (folder display name and translations)

Johannes Hirche johannes.hirche at
Sun Sep 25 20:47:31 CEST 2005


> > annotation /vendor/kolab/display-name
> > with a qp encoded utf8 string of the displayname.
> > It is up to the client to decide if it chooses to use the folder- or
> > displayname, if possible, the displayname should be favored.
> So you only want to have a single displayname annotation for a folder without
> any translations?

Exactly, from my point of view, this would suffice.

> IMHO translations are _really_ important in a global networked environment and
> cannot be left to the clients as the clients can only guess the translations
> successfully for the standard default folders and are doomed to fail in other
> cases.

Even if the foldername would be translated, the content of
the folder wouldn't and never will be.  Whats the point in
having a translated foldername so that everybody understands
its meaning, but can't understand the content in it.

If people want to colaborate in such a way they have to have
some common language for communication, so I think there is
little to gain here from a translated foldername.

This is different for the default folders, though, but those
are already handled.

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