Toltec connector and exceptions to recurring events

Helge Hess helge.hess at
Tue May 31 00:15:48 CEST 2005

On 30. Mai 2005, at 01:23 Uhr, Reinhold Kainhofer wrote:
> However, what kontact doesn't support is to change just one single  
> occurence
> of a recurring sequence. RFC 2445 says that this is done by having  
> an event
> with the same UID, but a different RECURRENCE-ID, which specifies the
> date/time of that one occurence. You can then change any field of  
> the event,
> but it will still belong to the original event.

OK. But is this relevant for Outlook, that is, does Outlook actually  
support such a setup?

This was my real question, which Outlook recurrence setup is not  
supported by Kontact?


PS: IMHO the uid/recurrence-id is quite important in the real world  
(and btw explicitly mentioned/supported in CalDAV). Maybe you can  
somehow workaround using the CalDAV approach (storing multiple  
vevents in memory under a single uid)?

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