Toltec connector and exceptions to recurring events

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Mon May 30 01:23:10 CEST 2005

Am Montag, 30. Mai 2005 00:07 schrieb Helge Hess:
> On 27. Mai 2005, at 15:22 Uhr, Martin Konold wrote:
> > This is mainly due to the fact that
> > Kontact is not able to understand the same set of recurrance rules
> > as OL.
> Please elaborate. Exactly which recurrence rule of OL cannot be
> processed by Kontact?
> As far as I know KOrganizer is one of the few clients (the only one?)
> which has full support for iCalendar recurrences 

Well, not yet full support. In KDE 3.5 it will have really full support 
(exrules, rdates, arbitrary BY* combinations in the RRULE, etc.).

However, what kontact doesn't support is to change just one single occurence 
of a recurring sequence. RFC 2445 says that this is done by having an event 
with the same UID, but a different RECURRENCE-ID, which specifies the 
date/time of that one occurence. You can then change any field of the event, 
but it will still belong to the original event.


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