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Sorry for the delay in the reply.

The MSDN reads as follows: 

"The PR_OWNER_APPT_ID property is used in meeting requests. It does not
represent an entry identifier, but a long integer that uniquely identifies
the appointment within the sender's schedule."

This is not a global UID, but a folder UID and can exist in a number of
folders in the same message store. Also the same value can be present for
different appointments in different folders in the same message store. So
the value is not really suitable as a SUID as I understand the concept.

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> > The problem from my side is that I do not have a SID. I can 
> preserve 
> > and set values saved by Kontact, but when a invitation is 
> accepted in 
> > Outlook the whole model will fall apart as no SID will be set.
> I have absolutely no experience with Outlook, but the 
> iMIP/iTIP objects generated by Exchange have the following entry:
> To me this sounds exactly similar to the scheduling id... 
> From the name I guess that this is the UID of the appointment 
> in the organizer's calendar.
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