[Kolab-devel] Kolab XML specification

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Wed May 4 10:35:51 CEST 2005

On Wednesday 04 May 2005 05:19, Steffen Hansen wrote:
> > David has added the scheduling id to the format document
> > and I just released a pdf version as release candidate 1.
> > Check out the documentation section of www.kolab.org.
> > This actually reflects the status of the document as we are actually
> > using the format for quite a while now.
> >
> > > This also means solving Steffen' s problem.
> >
> > Has this been addressed on Kolab-devel?
> > David: Can you ask Steffen?
> The doc now has this:
> ====
> The subject of the mail must be set to the UID of the object. (*)
> ...
> (*) This can be used by some clients for searching but it is not
> recommended to implement clients that way; searching on the IMAP ID is
> much faster when it's possible.

No, this is not new, this has been in there since July 2004
and of course was part of the draft cvs20051007 pdf.

> So it doesn't really help me. The SID is the important key for me. This
> is the key I get from an incoming update and need to match with an
> email in the calendar folder. 

The problem with SID seems to be that the KDE client people
proposing the change did not check back with the document
and the other clients to fully understand all implications and get
an agreement. This create the problem now. :-(

> Also, I don't understand the footnote
> about searching on the IMAP ID. What is that supposed to mean? It
> doesn't help me looking up the right event without sifting through all
> messages...

The footnote is the result about a long discussion about best practice
implementations of Kolab clients. They actually should keep some data
and only use IMAP search as a lost resort, because this hits performance
when scaling up. Most of the searches could be done locally without asking
the IMAP server each single time you want to make a change.

> I need the SID to be in something I can access via IMAP SEARCH.
> Currently I do $imap->search('SUBJECT "' . $sid . '"');
> Maybe we can allow the subject to contain "UID SID"?

This is very late in the game, we should seek other solutions first
and get that concept of SIDs under control first. 

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