Proposal: URL attachments

Joon Radley joon at
Mon Sep 20 15:52:26 CEST 2004

Hi Bo,

> When you add an attachment to an event in KOrganizer, it asks 
> you if you want to do save this in the event, or just keep a 
> URL around. No matter what the user chooses, we will 
> currently override it because all attachments must be saved 
> in the mail.
> Could we change this to be up to the user if he wants to 
> inline it or just link to it?
> I propose we do these two:
> <inline-attachment>filename</inline-attachment>
> <link-attachment>URL</link-attachment>
> Where the first is the current behaviour and the second 
> contains a valid URL.

This sound fine. AFAIK Outlook does support referenced attachments, but I
will need to spend some time on this to make sure. If not or I cannot make
it fit, I will just preserve the tag.

Best regards

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