[Kolab-format] Spec in cvs

Bo Thorsen bo at sonofthor.dk
Thu Jun 10 17:27:41 CEST 2004

Hi all,

I have checked the spec in to the kolab cvs server now. It's in the 
kolabrepository under doc/kolab-formats.

I'm writing it in docbook, since that seems to be the most reasonable tool 
for this job. You can build the paper with "make kolabformat.ps" or
"make kolabformat.pdf". HTML generation didn't work for me, don't know 

I think jadetex is the only necessary package for building these, but if 
more dependencies are necessary, we can add a file describing them. If 
you have problems building the paper, let this list know.

Martins old files he did for the format are still in this directory also. 
They will be deleted once we are sure all relevant information are 
present in the new files. Unless you want to do this job, they you can 
ignore them.

At some point, we should start automating building pdf files and putting 
them on the webpage, so people won't have to build the paper themselves.



     Bo Thorsen                 |   Praestevejen 4
     Senior Software Engineer   |   5290 Marslev
     Klarälvdalens Datakonsult  |   Denmark
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